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The Red Pill of making money online

Red pill or Blue pill?

Depending on your answer will determine whether or not you start making money online…

So which is it?

You see a few days ago – I had the luxury of watching the movie The Red Pill – which talked about mens rights from the perspective of a feminist.

Now not to get all political – but at the end of the movie she decided she was no longer a feminist.

So just like you have a decision to make.
Take the Red Pill – and see just how much money you can make with email marketing.


Take the Blue Pill – and go back to living the lifestyle you currently hate. You know answering to the boss that doesn’t respect you or the work that you put into the company… those love ass drives to work getting stuck in traffic – spending so much time at work that your kids grow up not knowing who there parents are…

Crappy situation if you ask me.

No one wants that.

You don’t

I know you don’t.

I know your kids don’t.


I was one of those kids.

Mom always at work – didn’t really have the time to spend with her children,

If she was given the chance to build an online business – things would be a lot different.

Now its your turn – make a difference not just in your life but your kids life as well.

Click the link below to get your hands on this system that can make a difference today:

Isaiah Jackson

Why newbies still can’t crack the online code

Got an email from a subscriber who says:

“Hi I purchased this product because of an email I got. However after reviewing the info This just is not for me. Please issue a full refund. Thank you for your help in this matter. “

And then proceeds to say:

“The whole affiliate business model is just not the direction I personally want to go”

So you see the issue right?

Here I’ll lay it out for you.

Buys my front end offer: Affiliate Jumpstart.

And now doesn’t want to get involved in affiliate marketing?

Makes no sense if you ask me.

I mean its in the name of the product that its going to be about affiliate marketing.

Oh well – some newbies won’t crake the online code at all.

Back to the point;

If you don’t want to build a profitable email marketing business – then don’t become an Email Villain.

Its not for you.

However if you want the power to control your traffic and income then getting started with email marketing is for you.

Don’t have a list?

No worries on Friday I’ll share with you how to build an email list using just one email a day – become an Email Villain and register for the webinar:-

Isaiah Jackson

Summon Your Inner Villain With Three Words

This is in response to an email I sent earlier today.

RE: Quitting Internet Marketing

After sending that email I got a handful of great replies from the good people on my email list.

I will be the first to tell you that I wasn’t expecting the reaction that I got at all.

Normally I get responses from folks who – well to say the least – aren’t cut to be their own boss and need/should work at a job.

The rest of my subscribers though.

Boy ol’ boy.


The three words I got from the vast majority of folks on my list were…

“I’m not quitting”

Reminds me of my days in the military.

Quitting anything wasn’t an option – because it most cases it meant life or death.

This isn’t life or death but this can be what gets you out of your current situation of not making any moolah online…

It works for me.

As well as the handful of people I shared this with…

Click here for more details…

Isaiah Jackson

Scientific Studies Prove That Most Of Them Are Crap

Check this out.

In the fitness industry, losers like to point to a lot of “scientific studies” about why some things are better then other things…

Then someone would come a point out another study that proves the new study wrong.

Happens a lot.

But most of them are crap.

Here’s why…

A lot of those “studies” are being done by students.

Yes, kids at the school are doing these studies who have put no time into the doing of what the study is saying.

And the same thing happens online.

Bitcoin seems to be all the rage – and now I see bitcoin experts popping up everywhere all of a sudden.

Just like the studies being done in the fitness industry.

Time to get back to the fundamentals.

By doing what works and only what works.

And in todays live training I’ll be sharing with what has been working really well for me in my own business – and giving the opportunity to use what I have created as your very own.

Webinar starts at 5PM CST – so subscribe to Email Villains today and be sure to register you don’t want to miss this:-

Isaiah Jackson

P.S. A replay will be available to Email Villains.

It’ll be in the members area – so if you haven’t already subscribed to Email Villains do so now it will only cost you 1 buck:-


The News Is Lying To You..

And here’s why…

I got my hands on this little ‘fidget spinner’ that based on what I see on the news is designed to decrease levels of stress, anxiety, boredom and things of that nature.

So I did some research to see if those claims were actually true.

Here’s what I found:-

They aren’t true.

There has been NO scientific study by some scientists on whether these little spinners can decrease stress.

News you got some splainin’ to do

Just like your favorite gurus… they got some some splainin’ to do…

Like why aren’t they doing what they are teaching you inside of their business…

Hmmmmmm… could it be that it doesn’t work?

Who knows… all I know is… what I’m doing inside of Email Villains works.

How do I know?

Because I do it every single day.

And tomorrow I will be sharing with you everything that I’ve been doing so subscribe to Email Villains today for 1 dolla’ and register for the webinar:-

Isaiah Jackson

Play The Lottery?

Just left the 711 down the street.

Saw couple come in and buy a lottery ticket scratch, throw it away then walk away.

They spent a few bucks for the ticket and got nothing.

Makes me wonder…

Would you rather spend a few bucks on a ticket that doesn’t guarantee you winning…

Like 1 in 175 million.

Better idea…

Subscribe to Email Villains for a buck.

Odds of you building a profitable email bidniz…

99% – not 100% because there is always that one that won’t take action.

Anyways –

Subscribe to Email Villains today and tomorrow we will dive into how I’m building my list while breaking even – in 24 hours.

Isaiah Jackson

Awake All Night?

I remember not being able to sleep at night.

Struggling to pay rent, put food on the table, and it sucked.

I would stay up until about 2am-3am all the time – it would suck.

Doing everything I can just to make some affiliate commissions online.

Then after going back to the basics and staying focused on the one thing that worked… I got results.

Soon after I was able to get a solid 4 hours of sleep a night – must be a military thing.

Anyways –

I’m sure you are in the same boat.

Except you may be thinking that today is the day that you finally get the bad news.

Its time to start getting some sleep.

Knowing that your bills are taken care of – everything on autopay.

And still have enough moolah to do what you want.

On the Email Villains webinar I’ll share with you what I did differently to finally break free from stress & worry.

Finally able to put food on the table and keep the bills paid.

The webinar happens for Email Villains tomorrow.

Subscribe to Email Villains for 1 buck today and register for the webinar

Isaiah Jackson

Not Enough For Retirement

Seems to be a big problem a lot of the older folks seem to be having.

I was talking to my grandmother earlier today (yes, she is retired – and doing really well)

Somehow we got on the talking about how most 40-50 year olds don’t have enough money to retire.

Which kind of sucks.

It means that the system that we’ve all been pitched just doesn’t work.

It use to back in the day – hence why my grandma is doing so damn well right now.

But those who are 20+ years younger than her well lets just say they still need to get jobs.

I then explained to her that will so much moolah being made online I can’t understand why they would want to get a job.

Imagine that being 50 years old and being told what to do by someone who is 30 years old.

Screwed up system.

Moving on…

There is a better way to generate an income.

I use the Interwebz and its something that I’d like to show you how to do on Friday on the first Email Villains webinar.

Subscribe to Email Villains today for 1 buck and register for the webinar

Isaiah Jackson

These 4 emails “hacks” make you look like a douche bag

Ah yes here come the douche bag attacks… bring them on

Here are the 4 hacks

#1) Changing your from email address

This is a big no-no if you do email marketing right, you won’t have to do this because you would have got your list to know, like and trust you from the start.

#2) Changing your from name

This goes well with the first one, and is just as bad because you are basically telling your list of subscribers that you are someone else, now why would you want to do that?

#3) Push unsubscribe link 5 pages down the email.

I see this happen A LOT and it pisses me off to see marketers push the unsubscribe link so far down.

#4) Add your unsubscribes back to your email list.

I mean really when I unsubscribe from your email list, it means I don’t want to hear from you ever again. So don’t add me to another list.

#5) Not mailing your list daily.

Bonus: If you aren’t mailing your list of subscribers daily then you are doing them a major disservice.

Anyways, to discover the ways of an Email Villain that get emails opened, read, and clicks… head on over to the link below…

Isaiah Jackson

Some people are PISSED that you can make more than they do

Crazy huh?

Earlier today at the gym – I was working with a client and she had to sit down for about 10 minutes.

Nothing wrong with that.

However, this old azz lady decides to just but right into what is going on and begin to tell me:-

“You can’t be on the ‘clock’ if your client is sitting down, she’s been sitting for 10 minutes…”

To my response was…

“So what’s the problem? 10 minutes of her sitting down is $2.50, if this company can’t afford $2.50 then they should lay off the person who spends the most time here but doesn’t anything of value to this place… meaning you”

End of that conversation.

Nothing was said to me after that because she knew I was right.

I’m at the gym less than most and make more than most #justsaying

Same thing goes for online business.

Putting money and energy into things that aren’t working is just a waste of time and money.

Your time would be better spent focusing on the things that do in fact work.

Do more of that.

I’ve been doing over the last few days myself.

Closing down old websites and putting all of my attention onto one thing.

You can do the same.

And on Friday I will be sharing it all with you – so that you can start making more sales for your bidniz.

Make sure you are apart of Email Villains to get access to the webinar (plus recordings)

Isaiah Jackson