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Hey, I'm Isaiah Jackson...

I just want to give you a quick introduction to what my website, “” is about.

I mostly cover content to help out affiliate marketers, any entrepreneurs or anyone trying to better their life.

I mostly post content on traffic generation, affiliate marketing & list building strategies.

I’m a successful entrepreneur that’s helped countless amounts of people earn their first $1,000 online while building a profitable email list and better their life.

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Now, who am I?

I’ll move fast, because I know your time is valuable.


Born in California and raised in Illinois.

The mom wanted me to work hard, go to college get a degree so that I can get a high paying job.

Being the rebellious person I am, I didn’t listen.

I’m sure I don’t have to say that getting a full-time job at the age of 17 in the region I lived in was pretty much impossible.

You either had to be at least 18 years old or have some work experience, which I didn’t have either again I was only 17 years old.

What I did instead was start creating hip hop music and thought it would be a good idea to join the military to put some money in my pocket to fund my music creation.

So let the training begin. I remember getting on the plane and thinking I’m sure I will have a lot to talk about in my music now, can’t wait to get started.

… and finally it happened I finished my training and was a soldier in the military with money to fund my music.

It was short lived of course because 5 months later I got orders to deploy overseas.

Egypt, was my destination and I had my bullets with me. My bullets being the amount of words that will be spoken into my microphone.

It was during my deployment overseas that I discovered the world of Internet Marketing and started using what I was being taught to market my music.

After a roller coaster ride with music marketing, I decided to just get involved with internet marketing instead.

Add in about a year’s worth of struggle, making some money but nothing really serious or consistent…

… I started to wonder how can I take my income to the next level.

My Turning Point

Then one day, I stopped walking around in the dark with my internet biz.

What changed?
[thrive_2step id='6055']I discovered something[/thrive_2step] that all successful marketers had in common.

You see they weren't making money "using" the products they would promote, but in fact they would make their money "promoting" those products.

After making this discover I knew right away things would change for me in a "Major" way.

See, before, I was doing traditional affiliate marketing the wrong way.

You know, recommend this cool thing, make $30.

No leverage, needed to make a sh*t-ton of sales each month to make enough money to support myself.

Now this?
[thrive_2step id='6055']THIS[/thrive_2step] was something that grabbed me by the throat.

It was like affiliate marketing meets take control of your income, and everything is done online.

Wasn’t like any other “guru-product” either:

… no fake actors

… no spamming the forums

… no works one minute, stops the next

… no lies

I could do this.

And I did. I went ‘full throttle, pedal to the metal’ and never looked back.

And it WORKED!

Worked so well that I was able to make over $1,900 in less than 30 days...

Fast forward to present day...
[thrive_2step id='6055']That discovery[/thrive_2step] took me from struggling, miserable, online music marketer...

... to happy, abundant, marketer making over 6-times what I was making before I got started. And working a whole lot less.


It’s not for everyone. But for ME, marketing done online, is one hell of a business model.

And I’m usually “working” – if you can even call it that – in my basketball shorts, just hanging out in this humid Midwest weather.

I’m not going to command “Attention!” – like I did in the military – and tell you to get involved...

But I will tell you that when you make the decision to get started... you won’t look back.

All you have to do is follow these three simple steps:
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Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson