Thats all you really need to build a email marketing business that generates sales on a consistent basis.

The key here is “1 offer” not several.

I’m not picking on anyone who wants to do affiliate marketing – I think its a great way to get your feet wet with making sales.

But eventually you would want to create your own offer that you truly stand behind because your name is attached to it.

Think about it like this-

You could say whatever it is that you want when promoting your own stuff.

When promoting other people stuff not so much.

1 offer made daily will show your email subscribers that you firmly believe in what you are promoting and selling.

Why else would you promote it?

On a related note – its why I keep suggesting you become a member of Email Villains I practice what I preach every single day (and the results I get show for it). So hop inside and start building your own sales generating email marketing business today;

Isaiah Jackson