Trapped online. Surrounded by douchebags. Low on funds.

You’re in the zombified underworld of internet marketing now and there’s no turning back. The only question is; Will you survive? The zombie-trolls, naysayers and douchebag scammers are all trying to sink their teeth into you. You need thick skin, nerves of steel and a loaded shotgun. And the worst part is; Your “low funds…

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27-year old British newbie makes $464 in one day with secret technique…

He’s 27. He’s British. He’s a newbie. And he’s found a secret technique that makes him $464 a day. Check it out here; (I’ve secured you a WORLD EXCLUSIVE special discount on this but don’t tell anyone else – just enter the coupon code “25off” on the cart page and you get 25% off.)…

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Be Yourself


Don’t be afraid of being yourself but be afraid of being like everyone else.

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I almost destroyed my iPhone 6 Plus…


In the next 30 seconds you will find out why I almost destroyed my iPhone 6+

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Frank Kern


Or any of his “guru” friends…

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Its The Online Income Apocalypse


And it is killing those who still want to make money online.

Discover how to survive inside…

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The Dress Is Not White And Gold


Discover the color of the mystery dress here…

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Slow And Steady Wins The Race Is Bullshit


Find out why in this post…

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All My Posts SUCKED Before And This Is How I Fixed Them


Literally every post I made on Facebook was terrible. And this is how I fixed it.

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5 Things You Should Never Do When Posting Anything On Facebook


I’ve seen some pretty terrible posts and emails online so here’s a quick guide to avoiding the 5 biggest mistakes.

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